Belt Buckles

Belgian made belt buckles are often referred to as being “Reitz made” buckles.

The truth is that the E.Reitz Uniformwerke never made buckles themselves.

There were several Belgian companies who made belt buckles, but so far no one was able to establish exactly which company did so.

Most Belgian made belt buckles show similar features : they are made of a zinc alloy , they don’t bare any maker marks and they have a big nob on top. This nob is the upper part of the pin that holds the claw bar in place.

The E.Reitz Uniformwerke did order a batch of belt buckles for their Werkschutz unit ( company fire fighters and guardsmen ) and these buckles were made by a Belgian company and display all the features described above. More info about this particular Reitz Werkschutz buckle and a picture of the E.Reitz Werkschutz unit can be found under the “Werkschutz” section.

A selection of Belgian made belt buckles and cap insignia.