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Mai 20 2023 AK-interactive, Logroño, Spain

This richly illustrated book gives a chronological overview of  the camouflaged patterns and UNIFORMS of the Waffen-SS in the period from 1936 – 1945 . The 378 pages of this book contain 1095 colour photos of original Waffen SS camouflage pieces, 160 original black-and-white photos and 3 original colour photos. Some of the original pieces and original photos in this book, are published for the very first time including the original camouflage coverall of a well-known knight’s cross holder !

Important is the word UNIFORMS : headgear, smocks, winter uniforms, panzer uniforms, HBT uniforms and some very rare late war camouflaged items are covered. 

The book is intended for historians, collectors, model makers and those with an interest in military history.

387 pages in ENGLISH 



Apr 1 2019 Zeughaus Verlag, Berlin

This richly illustrated book is the first comprehensive reference work covering winter uniforms used by the German Army, Air Force and Waffen-SS during the period from 1942 – 1945.

The book is intended for historians, collectors, model makers and those with an interest in military history.

More than 250 original photos, mostly never published before, and more than 1100 colour images of contemporary pieces in 15 different camouflage patterns are used to provide a detailed description of the developpement of the winter uniform during the Second World War.

448 pages ENGLISH version

448 pages GERMAN version

 From battlefield to drawing room textile and military fashion around 1815

Aug 20, 2016 Royal Army Museum Brussels

Proceedings of the international Sypmosium, Brussels, June 10 – 12 , 2015 . Over 15 articles concerning military fashion, influences by art and design, Napoleons’ influence on his era, techniques end production of textiles. 

I was the main collaborator to Ilse Bogaerts who was the editor.


Camouflage takes centre stage

Aug 27, 2012  Royal Army Museum Brussels

Proceedings of the international Sypmosium, Brussels, October 13 – 15 , 2010 . Over 20 articles concerning military history, uniforms, camouflage, art, fashion, music, animal camouflage, science all involved with camouflage or its techniques. One of the highlights is a sneek preview of the infamous Cameleon camouflage : the camouflage on cloth that adapts to its background. Using the newest scientific developments in fiber technology. After this publications the US governement forbade any more publications on this stealth technology.


Wehrmacht & SS : Caucasian, Muslim, Asian troops

Aug 1, 2007  Heimdal publishing

In both French and English this book describes most of the “exotic” foreign volunteers in the German army of WW II . Volunteers with muslim and buddhist religions, with an arab or hindu background, slavic troops , all of them the opposite of “Aryan” troops. Nevertheless they formed battalions, legions or even a division. A wide array of pictures and original documents are shown, to demonstrate the uniforms and insignia of these foreign troops fighting for Hitler

160 pages ENGLISH and FRENCH in one book


Camouflage uniforms of Asian and Middle East armies

Aug 1, 2004  schiffer publishing

Study in photographs of all contemporary camouflaged uniforms of the armies of Asian countries and the countries of the Middle East during the cold war era

144 pages ENGLISH


Camouflaged uniforms of the German Wehrmacht

Aug 1, 2002  Schiffer Publishing

In depth study of the camouflaged uniforms of world war II German army, more specifically Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe camouflage

278 pages ENGLISH