About E. Reitz Uniformwerke


The E.Reitz uniformwerke was one of the biggest uniform factories outside Germany.

It was located in Merksem, a suburb of Antwerp, Belgium.

In a former tobacco factory, the Germans installed a huge production unit for military uniforms used by the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe , Waffen-SS and Kriegsmarine.

We have been able to find some interesting pictures and original items originating from this plant. Some of these are shown below.

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Werner Palinckx

A brief history of the building.

1925The factory as it was in 1925 when operating for the British American Tobacco Association. Note that the top levels weren’t added yet and Canal on the left was the Kempische Vaart, before it was widened and renamed in the Albert Canal !1941A1942The E.Reitz factory in 1941.Clearly visible is the “E.Reitz” logo on the watertower on the left. The huge roof of the Antwerp sports palast is visible in the center background. Courtesy : Mark Stevens Merksem1947pijlThe factory as it appeared shortly after the war in 1947. The red arrow indicates the location of the main entrance gate.

20042004BThe factory in 2004 with the Belga logo still on top. The  building with the many windows in the front of the left picture wasn’t present in the 1947 picture above.

In Juli 2005 Belga ceased all activities and the factory was sold.

In 2007 the buildings were to be destroyed for a further widening of the Albert Canal.A reitzgebouw0104The main building on april 2 2007, just before the breakdown ! All signs of the tobacco company have been removed, the trees have been cut down. The newly added structure on the far right has already been demolished.A Reitz1The main entrance gate of the E.Reitz uniformwerke, the Albert Canal lies behind the building.A reitzpoortThe same gate in 2004 with the logo “Vanderelst” right above the entrance and the “Belga” cigarette logo on top of the main building.A reitzpoort0104The gate on April 2 2007. The “Vanderelst” logo has been cut in half, heaps of rubble are just behind the gate doors. The buildings on the left are all gone. The rest of the factory is soon to follow !A reitzpoort0204The back of the gate on April 2 2007.

bel1a bel2a








The back of the gate in March 2007, before the demolition began. Note the bell on the left side of the gate. Next is a close up of the bell.030kMarch 2013 the bell found a new home among all the other E.Reitz uniformwerke items !


Some documents related to the E.Reitz Uniformwerke

Legitimation card ( Arbeitsausweiss or Werkpas )

All employees working in one of the many factories of the E.Reitz Uniformwerke had to be in the possesion of their legitimation card or “Arbeitsausweis” in German “Werkpas” in Dutch.

EulalieJosée Jacobs1 Josée Jacobs2On the left is the legitimation card of Eulalie Huys who worked at the E.Reitz factory in Gent. She had the employee number 138 and probably wore an armband with the same number. On the right is the legitimation card of Josée Jacobs, emloyee number 16 of werk II, which is the factory in Merksem. On the back of the card are stamps with the date until when the card is valid. And they are signed by the “Personalleiter”. Nowadays we would call him the Human Resource Manager. For july and august 1944, this was Herr Ritter and for september 1944 it was Herr Richter. Of interest is to know that Antwerp was liberated on september 4th 1944. But the front line was the Albert Canal ! So merksem wasn’t liberated untill a month later. Of course all work in the factory ceased as of that date. Although Josée’s card remained valid for work untill the end of september…


Each factory that want’s to do a lot of business, has to put itself on the market.  The Reitz brothers already paid for advertisements in the “Uniformen Market” magazine in the early years of the war. At that time their uniform factory was still located in Wuppertal and the logo was still E. & W. Reitz – Uniformwerk.

Uniformenmarkt 709 (7)

The E & W Reitz – Uniformwerk logo in an edition of Waffenjournal

Devlag aug 43b

When Erich Reitz became the only manager of the factory, he changed the logo and he also paid for advertisements in the local press. On the right the logo of the E.Reitz uniformwerke is very prominent in this advertisement in DeVlag magazine 1943.






A Reitz2

When we look at the logo in detail , we can see that there were E.Reitz factories in Gent and Antwerp in Belgium, Wuppertal in Germany and Wilna ( Vilnius in Lithuania) The main factory was located in the Bramtocostreet 2 in Merksem, here still the old fashioned “Merxem”.


Erich Reitz was very concerned of his image and the propaganda value of his factory. One of the things he intended to do was to make the working conditions for his employees better of that of similar employees working for other factories in the Antwerp area. So it happened that during the night shift music was played for the workers, plants were put on the work floor and hot soup was available during lunch break. When an employee came to work on his anniversary, he or she received a propaganda booklet from the famous Hoffmann series. These booklets portrayed various aspects of Hitler, all of course in a very optimistic and propaganda like way. On the first page of such a booklet a dedication was attached, bearing the signature of Erich Reitz.001 004










When someone married, the newly wed couple received a Dutch version of Mein Kamp, bearing a hand written dedication and an original signature of Erich Reitz himself.

Reitz Mijn Kamp 001 Reitz Mijn Kamp 003 Reitz Mijn Kamp 004







Belt buckle

The belt buckle of the E.Reitz Werkschutz who were guarding the factory and its stocks.



A female stitcher working in the Reitz factory wearing her armband.

The female worker has heremployee nr 98 on her armband

Clearly visible is the name of the factory “E.REITZ” and her personal employee number “98” photo Soma Brussels

Armband of a "band leader" in the E.Reitz uniform factory.The bandleaders controlled the women working on that band.

Armband of a “band leader” in the E.Reitz uniform factory. The bandleaders controlled the women working on that band.


A Fliegerbluse of a Luftwaffe Lieutenant, made by E.Reitz

Another Fliegerbluse made by E.Reitz and issued to a member of the Hermann Göring division. Courtesy www.spree-militaria.de

A camouflaged hood in marsh 43 pattern produced by Reitz

The factory stamp in the hood mentioned above. It says :

“Uniformwerke E.Reitz Antwerpen-Merksem” Size stamp nr. 1

Same stamp splinter pattern hood, size stamp 3

Notice the rectangular stamp on he left side of the hood of this panzercommander. The rectangle is flanked by two additional stamps, probably indicating the size.This is how Reitz-made hoods must have looked like when worn white side out.

Different stamp in a pair of camo trousers

Used pair of camopants in sumpfmuster 44 pattern, well marked with the rectangular stamp from Merksem and the typical size stamp

This following series of jackets came from the same veteran, who probably “liberated” these jackets that were still in stock at the factory during the liberation of Merksem. All three bodywarmers have their original factory tags still sewn onto them. So they are “factory fresh” unissued examples.

Below are some known fake Reitz stamps

Fake stamp in a sidecap.

Except for the winter hoods, no headgear was produced at the E.Reitz factories.
Fake purple stamp in a winter ski jacket

Very poor fake stamp on a fake winter hood.
One of the newer fakes : a tie with a known fake Reitz stamp