Other E.Reitz factory buildings

The factory building in Wuppertal

This was the original factory of the Henkels Werke and the building and surrounding grounds were bought by the brothers Erich and Wilhelm Reitz.

The notary act was initiated in oktober 1938 and was finally signed on January 26 1940.

They did not hesitate to put their new name sign above the entrance gate.

It is located at the Langerfelderstrasse 129 in Barmen - Wuppertal Germany.

 The main building with double entrance gate  The entrance gate with the E&W Reitz logo on top
 The inner square after you entered the double entrance gate. On the right is the main production facility. In the back you see another gate going to more factory buildings.  The inner square entrance gate to the other buildings. A nice bas relief logo E & W Reitz

The following images represent the same building in 2017

The main entrance gate, the logo has vanished.
The inner square almost unchanged. The bas relief where the "& W" have been erased

The clothing depot at the docks in Merksem

The main factory of the E.Reitz Uniformwerke was located at the Albert Canal in Merksem , right across the acces from the Albert Canal to the Lobroekdok.

But due to the vast majority of clothes produced, they soon needed more storage facilities.

One of the first clothing depots was acquired at the dockyard in Merksem , Oostkaai nr 23.

This depot building was located at the small Merksem Dock which was connected to the Albert Canal and was only 1,6 km down the canal from the main building.

It could be reached by truck, train or boat.

The building at Oostkaai 23 Merksem with two large hangars on the left in 1943
The same building in 2017

The cloth depot in Antwerp city

This depot was located in the Van de Wervestraat and was mainly used to stock the big rolls of raw cloth.

They were transported to the factory at Merksem to be processed into Uniforms.

The depot building in de Van de Wervestraat 63 in Antwerp 1943
The same building in 2018

The factory building in Gent

When the E.Reitz company was expanding, it became one of the main players in the Belgian textile industry during WWII.

Since it had a very big impact on the market, it was able to absorb several of its' competitors.

They often had no choice : coöperate or merge with the E.Reitz company or undergo a hostile take-over.

In the former Gandcia factory building in Gent, the E.Reitz company installed one of his works to cover the production in East-Flanders.

This factory buikding was located at the Scheldestraat in Gent.

Unfortunately the original building does no longer exist.

Note the "E.Reitz Uniformwerke " painted on the white band right under the roof.