Belt buckle

The belt buckle of the E. Reitz Werkschutz who were guarding the factory and its stocks.
Another example of the E. Reitz Werkschutz buckle

Reitz werkschutz

3 uniformed members of the E.Reitz Werkschutz unit at the back of the entrance gate.

The Werkschutz was responsible for the security on the factory compound. They checked who entered and left the building, they were also responsible for fire fighting and evacuation in case of a bombardment. At night they had guard duty to watch over the vast stocks of uniforms and raw materials that were present at the factory.

The man standing on the right is wearing a belt buckle, unfortunately the picture wasn’t sharp enough to make out if he is actually wearing a Reitz Werkschutz buckle.


A member of the E. Reitz Werkschutz wearing a long coat with collar insignia and a belt buckle