My latest book

My latest book, written in English, is AVAILABLE NOW !!!!

If interested you can send me a message.

I will be at the LA Gleize show on June 17th 2023.

If you want your signed copy with personal dedication, that's where you have to be ! 

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Below are some pictures of the book : 2,4 kgs   387 pages




Back cover text :

This reference work provides a nice chronological overview of the camouflaged uniforms of the Waffen SS in the period from 1936 to 1945. This book is intended for military modelers, developers of military history games, militaria collectors, historians and readers interested in military history and camouflage in general.

The book begins with the history of Waffen SS camouflage and how Prof. Dr. Otto Schick observed nature before developing his dramatic and unique camouflage patterns.  It shows the special rank insignia designed to distinguish officers and non-commissioned officers without disturbing the camouflage effect.

A schematic overview presents every uniform piece that ever existed in Waffen SS camouflage, with the starting date of the different patterns that appeared on each specific uniform piece.

Full-colour photographs show all major ss camouflage patterns in detail on both their autumn and spring sides. All the colours used are described in detail.

The 378 pages of this book contain 1095 colour photos of original Waffen SS camouflage pieces, 160 original black-and-white photos and 3 original colour photos. Some of the original pieces and original photos in this book, are published for the very first time including the original camouflage coverall of a well-known knight's cross holder !